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01 June 2017
«Osteria Mario» restaurant has become a new tenant in «Citydel» business center
«Osteria Mario» restaurant has become a new tenant in «Citydel» business center
«Tigrus» Holding which owns «Osteria Mario» restaurant signed a lease agreement in «Citydel» business center which is integrally managed by Prime Property Management company. «Osteria Mario» restaurant occupies an area of 453 square meters in the building of our business center.

Broker of this deal is Aim-group Holding. The opening ceremony of the restaurant is planned for June 2017.

«By choosing an area for our restaurant we had several prioritized parameters all of which are represented in the chosen business center, — comments the Founder of «Tigrus» Holding Julia Winter. — Firstly, «Citydel» is comfortably located on the first line of the Garden Ring. Besides, this building has a good visibility for car drivers as well as pedestrians. Another major factor is the area-availability for a summer café which is also really important for us. And, of course, the fact that it is an «A» class business center speaks for itself — it always guarantees a steady flow of solvent clientele.

The opening of «Osteria Mario» restaurant will finish forming of the infrastructural component of «Citydel» business center. «Due to infrastructural elements: a fitness center, a café, a beer restaurant, a canteen, a nail studio, a dry-cleaner’s, a mini-market, a shop and «Osteria Mario» restaurant, being situated in one business center, a synergy effect is gained, when the presence of neighboring infrastructural elements generates additional customer flows for trade operators of our business center, — says Pavel Tiger, Tenants Relationship Director at Prime Property Management, — and, of course, all these infrastructural components work for the well-being of our tenants. «Osteria Mario» restaurant will be a place, where employees, working in «Citydel», will appoint their meetings with business partners, organize different types of corporate events. In the process of choosing a partner to manage the restaurant, we were pleased with the initiative, shown by the candidates. It is a sign of a positive restoration trend on the real estate market. «Tigrus» Holding has proved itself as a professional and experienced partner, that’s why we chose it for this role.

Total area of «Citydel» business center represents 63 500 square meters, with the occupied area of 54 066, 03 square meters. Office premises are located from the 3rd to the 12th floor. «A» class business center is situated on the first line of the Garden Ring in the central business district of Moscow. Its address is Zemlyanoy Val, 9 (the center of Moscow). Headquarters of large Russian and foreign companies are allocated in «Citydel» business center.

Olga Tumakova, consultant of a retail space department at Aim-group company, comments on the deal: «We see our main task in changing the image of commercial corridors in Moscow. It’s possible to do in only one way — by choosing the best tenant with the most successful concept from all existing ones. From our viewpoint, we managed to make the city better with „Osteria Mario“ restaurant.»

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